RegFan's Art and Poetry Page

Here are some of her drawings of Elton:

Here is a new poem RegFan(Darleene) sent me:

one quiet evening
whilst gazing at the silver moon
a woman stood
transfixed in the heat of june
and dangling
in her fingers forgotten, a spoon

when she's hanging soft and low
shining her gaze on all below
and sending out a warm soft light
to keep you safe all thru the night



Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

I once knew a man ... who wore glasses that would shine....and if you looked into his heart, you knew he was doing fine... he twinkled the ivories, for a livin every day.... and the world was filled with magic, each time he would play...
he warms your heart so gently... that your eyes are all aglow...and he sings so emotionally, that his smile just steals the show.
and each time I hear my Elton play.... he steals a bit o my heart each day... soon he'll capture all of me ...and my love will never fade away...
and each nite I hear him softly play, I'll dream of central park..... and that silly duck suit and crooked smile will forever light my dark....
for to me he is an angel, sent from high above, tested in a crucible, and tempered with lots of love.